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Seeking Care?

***If this is an emergency, please call 911 or present to your closest emergency department.***

Please note that our screening form is inactive due to our recent move to Charlottesville. Please return on or after 2/1/23! 

  1. We are only able to accept individuals located within driving distance of Charlottesville, VA, at this time. We are scheduling only on Tuesdays at this time; for this reason, our ability to accept new patients may be limited.

  2. We recommend reviewing information found on our site, including FAQs and financial information.

  3. Please note that we do not provide stand-alone talk therapy at this time.

  4. Our online screening form can be completed at the link below. We will have a response back to you within several business days; if we are unable to accept you at this time, we will provide referrals or referral sources.

  5. Please provide accurate and complete information; with more details, we can better assist you.

  6. A parent or guardian should assist if the request is being submitted for a child or adolescent.

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